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Our Team - Cheesecake Shop

Warwick Konopacki

Joint Managing Director

Warwick is one of the founding partners of The Cheesecake Shop and R & W Traders. With a background in clinical psychology, Warwick joined forces with his brother Robert Konopacki to develop an award winning franchise system that today celebrates over 5 million special occasions every year in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Poland.

Ken Rosebery

Executive Director

An experienced senior executive with broad exposure to wholesaling, franchising, tourism and retail. Ken was previously CEO of Fastway Couriers before coming to The Cheesecake Shop and was a director of The Franchise Council of Australia.

David Reid

General Manager – New Zealand

David Joined The Cheesecake Shop after 29 years in Managerial roles in the Baking and Food Industry and 13 years as a Franchisee with The Cheesecake Shop bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge to his role in the New Zealand market.

Nick Avgerinos

Franchise Development Manager

Joining The Cheesecake Shop in 2010, Nick had previously spent a number of years in the United Kingdom developing and operating a multi-location courier business before returning to Australia. As National Franchise Development Manager, he is the first point of contact for prospective franchisees, landlords and agents wanting to be part of The Cheesecake Shop’s award winning system.

Peter Dable

General Manager – Marketing and Operations

Peter Dable started with The Cheesecake Shop in March 2010 as their Marketing Manager and jumped ship to the Operations Manager role in November 2014, with the responsibility of aligning the brands values, systems and procedures with the day-to-day activities of its franchise partners. Peter was appointed General Manager – Marketing and Operations in November 2017 and is supported by an experienced operational field team throughout Australia and New Zealand as well as a dynamic marketing team, system support, product development and initial training teams.

Evelyn Zhou

Financial Controller

Evelyn has been financial controller at The Cheesecake Shop since 2005 and has many years’ experience in accounting. Her team covers all aspects of accounting procedures, from accounts payable and payroll to royalties. Evelyn is supported by Pa Lee, Cathy Im and Amy Huang.

Mark Plummer

Store Development

Mark started work for The Cheesecake Shop in 2000 after being the franchisee of The Cheesecake Shop Padstow. He has a wealth of experience running his own businesses in various industries including retail, excavation, property development and hospitality. Mark is often on the road overseeing the store upgrade projects all throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Terry Marsh

Store Development

A veteran of The Cheesecake Shop, Terry joined The Cheesecake Shop Family in 1995 and spends his time managing store upgrade projects throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Eric Chu

IT Support

Eric has been with The Cheesecake Shop since 1994 (when Windows version 3.11 was around) and has been helping franchisees with store computer and cash registers, even while on holidays overseas. Not even Y2K could stop Eric from helping franchisees. Eric is supported by the IT Gurus at DEFSYS Group.

Ross Martin

General Manager – United Network Suppliers

UNS is responsible for the purchase and distribution of the ingredients that make The Cheesecake Shop’s cakes taste so good. With distribution centres in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland and supply agreements in Western Australia and New Zealand. Ross has a fantastic team controlling the day to day operations.

Felix Goltsman

Test Kitchen Coordinator

Felix joined The Cheesecake Shop in July 2015 and has one of the most important roles for new franchisees, being responsible for three weeks of intense baking and decorating training. Felix has worked in a wide range hospitality establishments over the last 30 years with experience in all facets of the baking industry including Wedding Cakes and more.

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