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Welcome to The Cheesecake Shop United Kingdom

Welcome to The Cheesecake Shop UK retail website, where freshness is guaranteed. The Cheesecake Shop UK is famous for baking continental cheesecakes, baked cheesecakes, mud cakes, tortes, sponge cakes, pavlova and desserts. With a wide range of birthday cakes, wedding cakes, engagement cakes, kid’s cakes and cakes of all sizes, The Cheesecake Shop UK can cater for any event.

Visit the product page of this website to order cakes online from the wide range of products available in our stores.

The Cheesecake Shop has franchises for sale across the United Kingdom. For more information on franchise opportunities you can visit

The Cheesecake Shop is a leading cake and dessert retailer with locations in Carrington, Colwick, Long Eaton, Loughborough, Mapperley and Wollaton.

The United Kingdom’s favourite cakes and desserts are the Boston Mudcake, our famous chocolate cake, the New York Cheesecake inspired, American Baked, the Strawberry Continental Cheesecake, the Tiramisu Torte, our famous Pavlova and the traditional Carrot Cake.

Customers of The Cheesecake Shop UK purchase cakes for Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas and New Years.

Find the perfect wedding cake at The Cheesecake Shop UK. Our stores will work with you to create a magnificent wedding centrepiece. Our range of wedding cakes includes the True Love's Kiss, Church Candle, Honeymoon, Romeo and Juliet and New Romantic.

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